CMPC Celulose: Innovation in Document Management

CMPC Group is a big player in the international market for short-fiber eucalyptus pulp. Its factory in Brazil currently occupies an area of 106 hectares and invests in the cultivation of forests as a source of supply of sustainable raw material.

The company faced difficulties with the large volume of documents in the projects. Greendocs, initially deployed in 2011 to manage the company’s internal document flow, has gone beyond optimizing other key company processes. “We acquired the tool as a whole to optimize the design management of a new and an existing plant. We have had real gains in terms of dealing with suppliers and technical information management. As for example, to maintain the issuance progress, contracts control, the physical progress of the work, as well as modules for auditing the digital content to the deliverables“ explains Cristine Guahyba, Engineering Analyst at the company.

According to Cristine, Greendocs is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, as well as ensuring the necessary customizations pertaining to each document type or process. It also draws attention to the support part. “W3K’s technical staff is a great differential, with highly qualified professional services people.” she says.