Tegram Uses Greendocs in Expansion Project

Editor by  Mauren Schaeffer

The Grain Terminal of Maranhão (Tegram), located in the Port of Itaqui, in São Luís (MA), has an expansion project, the Second Grain Transport Line.

The Greendocs software, which had already been used in the conception of the terminal’s original construction work, is once again being chosen for the management of technical communication and control of the project information of this second phase. The solution proved to be the most adherent and meets the requirements necessary for the development of the project.

Fernando de Arruda Postigo, Tegram’s Project Manager, points out that the main differentials perceived in Greedocs were the flexibility, the intelligent storage capacity of the documents, the possibility of implementing the processes with ease and, finally, the tracking capacity of the documents throughout the process flows.

Tegram’s employees, as well as their suppliers, will make use of the platform. There are about 50 users trained in sharing and validating documents and information, adding value to the work of the entire team involved in the project.